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The inspiration

WilsinArt thrives on the electric charge of innovation.


Mathew's work is driven by an unyielding passion to capture the unbound spirit of creativity, where every piece is a fearless defiance of convention.


The philosophy here is simple: Art is freedom—raw, untamed, and unapologetic.

The process

Each WilsinArt piece is a meticulous labour of love and rebellion.


Mathew's process is a dance of spontaneity and finesse, blending calculated precision with bursts of intuition.


The result is art that speaks with authenticity, radiating a presence that refuses to be ignored

The history

From the moment Mathew's youthful eyes met the provocative allure of street art, a relentless artist was born.


Evolving from the lively streets to the unexplored wilderness of abstraction, WilsinArt is the culmination of a lifelong commitment to pushing boundaries and defining a unique artistic voice.

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